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We provide Full Service Installation and Do It Yourself Kits for repairing, restoring or the protection of your dock's pilings. You can save thousands of dollars using our system which can restore even a completely eaten through piling. If your pilings are new and haven't experienced the damage yet that wood boring worms cause, then our system will protect your dock for many years.   We have been repairing pilings and installing or wraps for 28 years.   We have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Rating and have never once had a callback or failure with our system.    We offer a 15 year warranty on parts and labor for your piece of mind.

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Installation is done by scraping the piling clean of barnacles and oysters if needed and then the piling is tightly wrapped with our UV protected PVC jacket that covers the piling from just below the mud line to above the extreme high tide line. This will prevent oxygenated water from entering the wood piling. Without this water flow, wood boring worms can not survive. The UV protected PVC jacket will be affixed to the pilings with 1 1/4 inch ring shank, stainless steel nails that will indefinitely withstand saltwater conditions.

This system works so well that we have successfully restored docks that have fallen due to worms eating completely through the pilings. We jacked the dock up and installed the Restoration System, poured concrete inside the PVC and 24 hours later removed the jack revealing a perfectly restored level piling. We’ve also saved a customer from giving up on their boat house & dock because the worms had completely eaten through a piling that held up the roof covering their boat. We were able to successfully lift the piling and roof then install our concrete restoration system, restoring the integrity of their boat house & dock – AND 10 years later it's still standing strong!!!

The concrete restoration system consists of a heavy duty UV protected PVC jacket with a large 4' Tie Wrap every foot. Concrete is then poured filling in all the voids left from years of worm damage. Before the jacket is installed we nail 4 small pieces of 2 x 2 around the top edge of where the jacket is to be placed. Doing this allows for the concrete to completely surround the damaged piling insuring a very strong, end result.


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