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If you are in the Tampa, Clearwater area we offer a Full Service Concrete Restoration System including all necessary materials and complete installation. Simply call us and we will answer any questions you may have and schedule a free consultation.

For those of you outside our Service Area, we also offer a Complete Do-It-Yourself Concrete Restoration System! To ensure that you receive EXACTLY what you require to get the job done correctly, we request that you read the following information and then contact us so we can set up a consultation phone call or email specifics to you. Once you are satisfied with your projects’ outline we will send you a paypal email invoice which, once paid allows us to send you any materials and tools needed for your DIY complete system. Paypal allows you to use most any credit card or we can also accept checks.

Below is the standard Complete DIY package:

  • Step by step instructions
  • Materials:
    • PVC Jacket,
    • One 4 foot zip tie wrap for every foot of PVC Jacket ordered
    • Stainless steel nails
    • A list of needed/suggested tools needed for proper installation
    • DIY Hotline phone number to answer any questions or concerns with your installation.

Determining your Requirements for DIY Project.

  1. Measure the diameter and the depth of the water, from the bottom of the piling, to the high water tide mark and then add 4 inches. These measurements will determine the amount of our PVC jacket you will need to order. Near shore pilings are normally in shallower waters so typically only need 2 1/2′ jackets – in which case one 5′ jacket could be cut to cover 2 of these pilings.
  2. Jacket Pricing
    • Smallest size 5′ Jacket – $50.00
    • Price increases $10 each additional foot
    • Add additional $5 for Custom Cut
  3. TOOLS (See Necessary Tools Below – In the event the tools needed/suggested are tools you do not have and want to include in the package – we will add these tools for you – along with options for precut (per your measurements) material with our Custom DIY package – list & prices as follows

Stainless Steel Scraper

G & F 1630 Heavy Duty Rubber Coated Blue Size Large Work Gloves 3-Pair Pack
Model # 1630L-3 Internet # 202890393 $12.17 /PR-Pair

Click the Thumbnail to the right for an example
URREA 3 lbs. Steel Octagonal Sledge Hammer with Hickory Handle Model # 1434G Internet # 202797834
$10.50 /EA-EachClick the Thumbnail to the right for an example
Keeper 30″ Zip Cord, Adjustable Bungee Cords, 2 Pack
Model # 06381 Internet # 202065679 $2.98 /EA-EachClick the Thumbnail to the right for an example
QEP 2-1/4 in. Razor Blade Carpet KnifeModel # 10-215 Store SKU # 932796
$6.97 /EA-EachClick the Thumbnail to the right for an example 
Workforce 25 Ft. x 1 In. Tape Measure
Model # FMC-7525 Internet # 100034104 Store SKU # 749653
$5.96 /EA-EachClick the Thumbnail to the right for an example

Pre-Cut Material – $5 per cut

Second set of hands – $ Priceless

Our warehouse is pre-stocked with 5′ PVC Jacket material. If you’re piling needs more than a 5′ jacket, depending on your measurements and order placed, an overlap piece will be included to accommodate your required measurements. If your piling doesn’t need all 5′, just cut to fit measurement needed with a razor knife (or preferred method of cutting), and keep left over material in the event its needed for use on another piling.

**Due to the weight of packaged concrete & to avoid our customers paying outrageous shipping charges – the concrete is NOT included in our DIY packages – however we can direct you to the nearest suggested retail store for payment & pickup.

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